Let’s Talk About It

Red Brown and Blue is ALWAYS looking for writers interested in contributing material to the site. Are you angry about the way our Congress is held captive by special interests? Are you fed up with the unequal treatment received by women, minorities, and low-income families? Are you frustrated by the refusal by some elected officials to recognize the long-ago affirmed reality that separate is inherently unequal? We seek intelligent, forward-thinking individuals interested in writing about those concerns and ways we can work to change things for the better.

Red Brown and Blue would like to invite people of all backgrounds, ethnicities, lifestyles, religions, and ages to write about living, working, and trying in today’s United States. More importantly, we want you to speak about how things can be made better in our nation and around the world for all people, based on your own experience and point-of-view.

If you are interested and think you have what it takes, please write to jake@redbrownandblue.com and tell us a little about yourself. We’ll reply directly as soon as we are able with more details.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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