Hispanic Politics

Hispanic politics is one of the most exciting and intriguing areas within the broader American political landscape today. Due to the astounding growth of the Hispanic population and the corresponding demographic shifts, Hispanic politics as well as the broader themes of cultural politics and multicultural issues have become increasingly relevant to political commentary, mass public opinion and action.

RedBrownandBlue.com was founded within this context, based on the belief that America’s future will depend on civil discourse that effectively integrates Hispanic politics, diverse social perspectives, multicultural issues, the needs of the multicultural community, fair and compelling race commentary, and inclusive political commentary.

As Hispanic politics evolve into mainstream politics, it will be more important than ever that mainstream leaders and media address issues such as Hispanic discrimination and remain open to multicultural perspectives, diverse political forums and inclusive political commentary.

Founded by Rudy Ruiz, RedBrownandBlue.com  is committed to helping transform national politics into Hispanic politics. Our belief is that Hispanic politics should not be a narrow sphere within which Hispanics simply talk to themselves and each other. To the contrary, Hispanic politics should be American politics simply enriched by the added value of multicultural perspectives and a personal concern for meeting the needs of the multicultural community and intelligently addressing multicultural issues that have long dogged America, from civil rights to health disparities, from educational attainment gaps to income differentials.

In executing its vision, RedBrownandBlue.com is headed not only by Rudy Ruiz as Founding Editor and Nationally Syndicated Columnist but also Rolando Rodriguez, serving as Managing Editor and Columnist.

Rudy Ruiz has been hailed as a cultural visionary and has emerged as a national voice for refreshing, intelligent, creative and inventive political commentary, immigration commentary, race commentary and diverse social perspectives. He is an expert in Hispanic politics and multicultural issues. A graduate of Harvard, Latino role model Rudy Ruiz is also the host of the nationally syndicated radio program, “Adelante América.”

Rolando Rodriguez is a longtime communications practitioner within the world of Hispanic politics. He cut his teeth in the highly energized arena of Hispanic politics in Washington, DC, where he served as Communications Director for the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute. In that role, Rolando Rodriguez was privy to the inner workings of Hispanic politics at the highest levels. Rolando focuses his writing on race commentary, cultural politics, Hispanic discrimination and multicultural community concerns.

Overall, the RedBrownandBlue.com team is committed to making Hispanic politics a matter of everyday interest and appeal to mainstream audiences, a vital thread within the wider fabric of American discourse and democracy.


Featured Article:

Hispanic Politics Will Continue to Evolve

[Posted on April 19]

The election of an African-American to the US presidency shows that we have evolved tremendously as a society. The important takeaway is not that our president is black, but that we were able to consider important issues and not dismiss a candidate based on race alone. Although we have made significant progress, the need for more progress is far from over. We are still far from a society that considers all issues from an objective point of view, or one that at least considers various perspectives. Instead, we tend to vote and act based on preconceived notions. This election has brought awareness to the fact that doors have been opening for minorities in political and policy development and we now have minorities in positions running the gamut in the political arena. Things are beginning to change, but we are far from where we need to be.

The Hispanic population is growing at a rate faster than any other ethnic group in the United States. Although Hispanics account for a large portion of the population, they have yet to realize adequate representation in government. Because of this lack of representation, many Hispanics feel their ideas and opinions aren’t being heard and, as a result, become disenfranchised. There are several government initiatives and organizations that have been created to focus specifically on Hispanic needs, but face great challenges in addressing the major issues that impact the Hispanic community and community-at-large for that matter.

Another major issue regarding Hispanic politics is the complexity of the issues that face the community. This complexity is fueled not only by the often-polarizing nature of the subject matter, but the socioeconomic and political diversity of the community itself. Case in point, the immigration debate, many Latino elected and non-elected officials agree on the need for immigration reform; however their respective parties have found it very difficult to rally in support of this issue.

Hispanic politics and issues will continue to evolve and pose unique challenges, and as the Hispanic demographic continues to grow, the changes in the political landscape will become more apparent. These changes will continue to gain importance as the populace of Hispanics continues to grow. As we continue to open our policy making process to a more diverse audience, we will open ourselves to a more holistic approach to solving problems and a more inclusive society.

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