Cultural Politics was founded on the belief that America’s future will depend on civil discourse effectively integrating cultural politics, diverse social perspectives, multicultural issues, the needs of the multicultural community, and inclusive political commentary.

Our belief is that cultural politics should not be a tiny sphere within which multicultural communities simply talk to themselves and each other. Cultural politics should be traditional American politics enriched by the added value of multicultural perspectives and intelligently addressing multicultural issues that have long dogged America, from civil rights to health disparities, from educational attainment gaps to income differentials. executes this vision through the leadership of Founder and Editor-in-Chief Rudy Ruiz, a nationally syndicated columnist, and Jake Negovan, Editorial Director.

Overall, the team is committed to making cultural politics an appealing matter of everyday interest to mainstream audiences, and vital thread within the wider fabric of American discourse and democracy.

Featured Article: Adheres to Addressing Issues Involving Cultural Politics

[Posted on March 14]

Thanks to our staff of dedicated and informed contributors, is making headway in pursuing its vision. We chose to focus our attention on cultural politics at to help introduce and promote multicultural social perspectives to the media to fill traditional gaps in coverage.

When establishing, our goal was to become an agent of change, and ignite the imagination of all citizens willing to read our material, regardless of race, ethnicity or socioeconomic status. When thinking of the challenges facing our nation, we sought to not only inform our visitors but to also try and empower citizens of all walks of life to get involved in issues that effect each other. It is essential that we offer our readers a commentary related to cultural politics that focuses on the struggles we face while reflecting the wide variety of voices that are going unheard in more traditional media. This cross-cultural exchange of news and ideas is crucial to identifying and solving national and international issues, whether they involve immigration, wealth disparity, health care, or any other social injustice that takes place in our world. Democracies are destroyed by apathy, so hopes to increase political interest, activism, and empowerment.

At, we will do our part to ensure that we provide Americans with diverse perspectives on the issues of cultural politics. Find out more by browsing through today. Read through our stories, post comments, and if you have any questions or would like to know more about how you can get involved, simply send us an email via our contact form.

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