No Dogs were Hurt in the Writing of this Column.

On Sunday in Atlanta, NFL quarterback Michael Vick took the field against his former team, the Atlanta Falcons.  Once the highest paid player in the sport and the face of a franchise, Vick is now a back-up limited to a few plays a game.  Many of his former fans booed him as he jogged onto the artificial turf of the Georgia Dome for the first time since serving a two-year prison sentence for running a dog-fighting operation while the Falcons’ franchise player.  By the second half, they were cheering him as he launched a fifty-yard scoring bomb.  They decided they were ready to forgive.  Vick basked in the applause of the crowd.

Meanwhile, Tiger Woods licked his wounds in private, refusing still to speak publicly about his numerous infidelities.  And not really asking for our forgiveness.

At least not to our satisfaction.