Red Brown and Blue’s October Review

Red Brown and Blue’s October brought several new contributors into the fold and continued our commitment to deliver progressive political points of view. Here’s a quick review of stories from the month you may have missed or might want to read a second time. (more…)

Assessing the United Nations

October 24, 2011 marked the observance of United Nations Day, with this year’s theme announced as “Ways the United Nations Makes a Difference in Everyday Life.” United Nations Day has been celebrated since 1948 and commemorates the activation of the U.N. Charter in 1945. For 66 years now, governments have worked together under the United Nations Charter to preserve peace and promote effective cooperation between countries for the global good. (more…)

Perry’s Call for Tax Reform Contradicts His Record

Governor Rick Perry has announced his intention to “pursue a flatter, fairer, simpler structure” for federal taxes if he is elected President of the United States, a goal that is largely at odds with his record in Texas. (more…)

The 9-9-9 Smokescreen

In a matter of months, Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain has managed to ascend from the political periphery to the forefront of the Republican race. Unlike many of his rivals, Cain’s newfound favorability in polls transcends a mere flavor-of-the-week status, and is more likely contributed to his simple policy solutions. One such policy that has resonated with many conservative voters is Cain’s succinctly named 9-9-9 Plan.

The simplicity behind the plan’s title is indicative of its details. The theoretical tax policy advocates for an absolute overhaul of the current tax system. The plan would implement a nine percent income, corporate, and sales tax across the country. (more…)

Private Prisons Are Funding the Crackdown on Undocumented Immigrants

Red Brown and Blue works to deliver original commentary on important issues and to deliver content that you wouldn’t read elsewhere. Occasionally, though, a topic of concern arises in which the ultimate cause is better served by directing our readers to the work of others. Today we present one of those instances.

As part of our progressive political philosophy, Red Brown and Blue believes that the corporate influence on our government must be drastically reduced if not eliminated entirely. The benefit to the public and the benefit to the shareholders or owners of private industry are too often in direct conflict. Big business controls the legislative, executive, and judicial processes to such an embarrassing extent that Americans have become second-class citizens, subject to the whims of hydra-like entities whose sole motivation is the collection of capital. The well-being of our citizens (or those who would be citizens, as you will soon read) places far lower on the list of our elected officials’ priorities than the appeasement of business interests with mountains of cash for political contributions. The privatization of services that should be the domain of the federal and state governments funnels wealth from the many to the few, limits consumer options and accessibility, and results in corruption. (more…)

Immigration Truths

A pointedly appropriate saying comes to mind as the nation continues its heated debate on immigration reform and some states launch anti-immigrant laws: the truth won’t kill you but it sure is inconvenient. People opposed to immigration reform don’t like hearing the truth about immigrants and consequently try to drown out rational debate with venomous polemics. Some state legislatures invent emergencies to stoke anti-immigrant fear and pass racist laws that will not withstand constitutional scrutiny. But, the truth lives in every street-corner labor pool, hiring line, construction site, farm, and meatpacking plant. The inconvenient truth is that America is addicted to immigrant labor, shooting it into the veins of the economy, just as it has been since colonial days. Always has been and always will be. We can’t ignore it. Our love of our reasonably-priced standard of living won’t let us. Even now, big money makes its profits not in small part by exploiting immigrant and foreign labor while the other 99 percent founder on the shreds of the American dream. (more…)